Excellent facilities

On Camping Meistershof camping guests can enjoy excellent facilities during their stay. Whether you prefer camping or rent a cabin or mobile home, on our campsite is thought of everything. We offer great service and there is plenty to do for young and old in and around our family-  and nature camping.

Luxury sanitary building on Camping Meistershof

Campsite Meistershof in beautiful Drenthe has a completely sustainable ecological sanitary building. Camping guests can make free use of this. The building is not only special by its durability, but also because of the fact that nature literally has been brought  indoors. The grass roof and a tree that grows right through the roof of the sanitary building make it complete.

Format of our toilet block

The luxurious and green sanitary building on our campsite is also very spacious. The entrance to the sanitary building looks beautiful and once inside you will find many sanitary facilities. For example, there is a room with showers and a toilet area with hand washing facilities and mirrors. There are also for children luxury showers and toilets and there is for babies a decorated baby bathroom. To do the washing up and to rinse vegetables, there is a special vegetable wash and washing up area.

Camping shop on Camping Meistershof

Camping Meistershof has excellent facilities and thus also a camping shop and a snack bar, or 'The Talk House '.”(Het Praathuis) Would you like to pick up a newspaper in the morning or would you like delicious fresh hot rolls, then our camping shop is the right choice. Also the forgotten groceries and various types of gas are available here. Ideal for a pleasant barbecue while camping.

Cosy snack bar ' The Talk House ' (Het Praathuis)

During the summer season, Het Praathuis opens a few times a week and on Saturday french fries and other fried snacks are sold. In the snack bar you can get, amongst other, tasty mince-meat-hot dogs, egg rolls, croquettes, hamburgers and various kinds of soft drinks.

That is feast!

Supermarkets and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

In the immediate vicinity of the camping, there are a number of supermarkets and restaurants. For daily shopping you can visit the Aldi or Albert Heijn in Dwingeloo. For a Jumbo-supermarket, you can go nearby Beilen.

In the field of restaurants Dwingeloo and Beilen offer a great choice.  In Dwingeloo you find amongst others Café-Restaurant De Riete and The Café.-Restaurant 't Hof van Dwingeloo. For real Italian cuisine go to Picolla Roma in Beilen. In short, supermarkets and restaurants enough near Camping Meistershof in Drenthe!

Camping church services

During an unforgettable holiday in christian Camping Meistershof in Drenthe you can follow church services. These church services are held in the open air. Traditionally about 7 services are held on our christian camping. Is the weather nice, then the services are held in the garden of the “Boerderij”.  When the weather leaves much to be desired, the camping church services are held in the recreation room.

Facilities for camping with your dog

Are you camping on our campingsite or camper pitches, your dog is also welcome to to come with you. . While camping,  your dog should be kept on a leash on the campsite.

In addition to the dog showers, we have a special area where you can walk your dog and there is also the Plutopad. Your dog can also be walked there.

In the vicinity a veterinarian is present for emergencies in case your dog is not feeling well. Visit the website of the vet or call 0521-591210